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Topic: Compare and/or contrast three of the literary pieces we have read in clas

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Topic: Compare and/or contrast three of the literary pieces we have read in class, each from a different time period (you can use the time period exams to recollect which piece belongs to which time period), tracing a single theme through each. Some examples of themes might be the role of women, the importance of religion, the treatment of the individual, etc. In your discussion consider the connections between artistic and/or historical concerns of the period, other literary figures and/or movements, and any other characteristic elements that you wish.
Defining the final paper
This paper will be a persuasive paper utilizing comparison and/or contrast to support an original thesis in which you explore connections between literary works from different literary periods. The purpose of the paper is to illustrate how you see similar subjects or themes being treated by the authors and how each author was influenced by the time period in which he or she wrote. In addition to your own observations, you must incorporate at least four critical secondary sources in support of your thesis.
General guidelines for writing the final paper (suggestions, not a formula)
Identify the literary works you want to compare/contrast and list the similar themes or subjects.
Analyze how each author approached the theme or subject and how that approach was representative of his or her literary time period.
Formulate a thesis statement by writing your opinion as a claim–a proposition or conclusion you are trying to prove or demonstrate.
Decide how you will use the source material by summarizing the sections from your sources that support your claim and list them, grouping similar ideas together.
Develop an organizational plan for the essay by considering both your thesis and the groupings of the summary statements you have developed.
Write the first draft of your paper by stating your thesis in an introduction and then, utilizing topic sentences in each body paragraph that relate back to your thesis, use direct quotations and paraphrases from the sources as well as your own arguments to develop your paper.
Use MLA style to include parenthetical citations after all summarized, paraphrased, and quoted material within your essay.
Include a “Works Cited” page using MLA style.
Revise your paper. Check for style. Avoid a series of short, choppy sentences. Combine sentences for a smooth, logical flow of ideas. Finally, check for grammatical correctness, punctuation, and spelling.
Paper requirements
The essay must be typed, double-spaced. Use a 12 point font and standard margins. Your name should be typed at the top of the page along with my name, ENGL 2223, and WWW. Double space from this heading and center your title (required), and then double-space and begin the essay. Pages should be numbered. Essays not following these guidelines will not be accepted.



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