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Topic Identify an inequity or problem that should be addressed at any public sch

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Identify an inequity or problem that should be addressed at any public school level (pre-k—to—college), and research how institutions and/or practitioners can address/work toward solving that inequity or problem.
Your response to this prompt answers the question: Who is doing what to whom for what outcome?
The key learning objectives for this assignment are developing a narrow topic, conducting scholarly research, citing research in MLA, and writing and editing a scholarly research argument.
The final essay should be an argument of at least 2500+ words, include at least 4 scholarly sources, and use MLA format.
There are gobs of scholarly sources on all of these topics; so please don’t tell me or your peers there aren’t. Keep digging, and when stuck, ask a librarian at ARC or WCC.
Requirements For Your Research Argument Essay
Write a six-page (2500 words or more) research paper about your chosen topic that meets the assignment criteria. This is an argumentative research paper; you are not reporting or informing; this is not a wiki entry. You are also not proving anything or convincing anyone. You can do neither in this kind of essay. Your job is to demonstrate, as best you can through research, that your ideas are safe and viable. You do not need a counter argument, for as far as we’re concerned, the problem you’re responding to is the counterargument. A counter argument really only works in an essay using the either/or fallacy, so avoid it.
Your argument must be NARROW and SPECIFIC. If you don’t have a narrow and specific thesis, you will struggle to find sources, and your argument will be weak.
Use MLA in-text citation, quote integration, and works cited page. People. Make an effort. More than half of the essays I get from students have zero-to-shit citations. If yours isn’t in MLA, I’m not grading it. MLA is certainly challenging, but it’s not impossible.
Use at least four scholarly sources by different authors. The journals should be based in America and the original text should be in English. Sometimes I click through the article link to look at the original and it’s all in Russian or Urdu. Do those languages have good scholarly writing, undoubtedly? Are we in a Russian or Pakistani class? No. Read and write and English. Don’t give me the excuse that English isn’t your first language. You’re in this class to learn more English, so take this opportunity to do so. The only way to get better at it is to practice.
For the love of all that is good in this world, figure out what scholarly sources are and how to find them in the ARC databases. Do NOT use Google or google scholar. Unless you’ve actually had some training, it’s a recipe for chaos. Scholarly. Scholarly. Scholarly. Say you don’t know? Ask a librarian.
Tuesday, October 5
Post your thesis statement to the Canvas which means you need to have worked on your essay enough to have a clear and specific thesis.
Write one complete paragraph, using quotations from at least one scholarly source, explaining the problem you plan to solve in this essay. Post these to the Canvas discussion board.
Thursday, October 14
Bring correctly formatted draft of essay, including intro and conclusion, for self-check.
Writing time. In-class writing and MLA work.
Tuesday, October 19
Rough draft of research essay due for peer workshop.
Thursday, October 21
Research essay.
Tuesday, October 26
Final run through of research essays.
Final draft of research essay posted to Canvas as soon as you’re done.
I will not read essays unless they are in MLA format.
You must submit a self assessment of the research essay with it or the essay will not be graded.



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