Write an essay of at least 1000 words (approximately 4 pages in mla format (including doubled spaced)), drawing upon what you learned in unit 2 and unit 3.

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As you prepare this and subsequent essays, please review the Writing Strategies and Guidance and Writing Assignments and Plagiarism Notice documents in Unit 1. You may also want to review various sections of your college composition course handbook that deal with organizing and composing effective essays.

Your essay should:

present a clear, insightful central idea
should have a clear sense of order and logic
should be well developed with specific details to support your assertions, and
should use effective language that is free of grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.
Please be sure you have an introductory paragraph where you introduce the authors and works you will be analyzing and end the paragraph with your thesis statement. Avoid plot summaries and be sure to provide quotations from the text to support your ideas. Also, be sure to spend ample time writing and revising your essay and avoid writing in the 1st person (don’t use “I”).


The purpose of this writing assignment is to review units 2 & 3 and write an essay to demonstrate understanding of these works.


Write an essay of at least 1000 words (approximately 4 pages in MLA format (including doubled spaced)), drawing upon what you learned in Unit 2 and Unit 3. Please address one (1) of the following topics:

Select one (1) work from Unit 2 (Literature of the Enlightenment) and one (1) work from Unit 3 (Early Modern Near East and Asia), and compare them on the topics of class, social hierarchy, or inequality. As you develop your argument, consider the specific historical and cultural contexts and backgrounds of each literary work.
Select any two (2) works from Unit 2 and/or Unit 3, and compare them through the selected works’ genre(s), such as travel literature, essay, drama, novel, and/or satire. Consider how the form and the content inform each other in each work. (You are only selecting 2 works.)

Please utilize MLA style when citing sources. For information on citing using MLA, access the Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style guide. Here is an example of a well-written paper using MLA citations.
Typed/printed, double-spaced, 1″ margins. Change them in “Page Setup” on the “File” menu.
Paragraphs indented ½ inch at left; do not separate paragraphs by extra blank lines.
Quotations of four lines or less (approximately 50 words) should be integrated into the text; longer quotations should be formatted as block quotations.
All sources must be cited. Good, credible sources for citation are your eCore textbook materials, lecture notes, introductions, discussion postings, and any sources accessed from GALILEO for outside reference.
Avoid using Wikipedia and other online study guide websites, such as Shmoop; however, if you use them, be sure to cite them appropriately.
Your essay should have a specific title – one that suggests what is the most interesting or important aspect of what you have to say.
Please remember you should submit documents as JPG, PDF, RTF, PNG, DOC and DOCX only. Other formats will not be accepted. Also, please ensure documents are submitted vertically and not horizontally. Incorrect submission formats could impact your grade. Submit the essay as an attachment through the Assignment tool (this assignment dropbox) by the date indicated in the calendar.

Academic Honesty:

Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable. Please ask if you have questions about what constitutes plagiarism. Your words and your ideas must be your own.

All papers submitted in this class are reviewed via Turnitin.com, a proprietary software database that identifies unoriginal material in papers.

Please review the syllabus statement regarding the penalty for plagiarism. For assistance with citing sources, avoiding plagiarism, etc, Smarthinking (online tutoring service) and embedded Librarians are available to you. If you have questions about these services, please contact your instructor.



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